The Filipinos are the people, and perhaps the one individuals, of Asia, who're ready to re-orientalize Christianity. Mr. Sam Higginbottom has moved the hearts of hundreds of Americans by his tales of the leper missions in India. The identical great story could also be repeated of the Philippines. People who are suspected of having leprosy are sent to detention locations in San Lazaro Hospital in Manila. As soon as specialists pronounce the case genuine, the sufferer is shipped to the Island of Culion between Panay and Palawan. While the illness is found in each province more of it is reported from Cebu than from wherever else. In a interval of twelve years Cebu sent 3,340 persons to Culion.

At that time there were two important cities in Borneo-Bruni, on the north coast, and Bandjarmasin on the south coast. Expeditions from both cities paid many visits to the rich pearl beds of Sulu and little question went additional north. Sulu turned so essential that it was visited by ships from China, Cambodia, Sumatra, Java, and perhaps from India and Arabia. Immigrants from the city of Bruni pushed up by the more westerly route into Palawan, Panay and different islands. Otley Beyer in Asia, Oct. and Nov., I92I, has given the most anchor full description of the period handled within the following pages. His conclusions have been questioned by other historians, but are higher than the rest which has but appeared about this obscure age. THE PROBLEM OF RACES AND CLASSES 449 are getting way over their proportionate share of the educated young people, as has been pointed out in a earlier chapter.

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He hailed from Manengkabaw in central Sumatra, the home of many Malayan dynasties. The chief who killed the last wild elephant was given the hand of the sultan's daughter in marriage. The biggest man in Sulu historical past, a man who bore the stamp of exceptional skills, was Abu Bakr. One custom says that he himself got here from Mecca; another that his father Baynul Abidin got here from Hadramut, Arabia, settled in Malacca, married the daughter of the Sultan of Juhur, and have become the daddy of three very nice sons of whom Abu Bakr was the second. The oldest of the three, says this story, founded the sultanate of Brunei, in Borneo, whereas the youngest, Kabungsuwan, grew to become the illustrious conqueror of Mindanao.

In Kibungan , the word kabunian is a collective time period which means all of the deities. During sleep, one's soul, say the Naboloi (they call the soul "adia"), may wander about or it could be captured by a malevolent spirit. If it doesn't get again, the body will turn into emaciated and finally die. So it is never safe to awaken a man too suddenly, for his adia could also be away from residence. The soul, after demise might consort with one's adia in goals, or may seem to folks at virtually any time.

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They went with a glow of virtue-and hoped (as who does not?) that their virtue would possibly bring them to some hidden pot of gold. The religious head of the primary settling expedition, which Legaspi introduced from Mexico to Cebu in 1565, was the Augustinian friar, Andreas de Urdaneta. The other orders were fast to comply with, the Franciscans in I577, the Jesuits in I58I, the Dominicans in 1587, and the Recollects in I606. By 1586 the friars had been established in forty places and claimed as Christians 250,000, or nearly half the population of the Philippines at that time.2 Philippine Census 1903, Vol. 'Jernigan, "Iooo Questions and Answers in Philippine History," Manila, p. rS. THE MOROS CLASH WITH SPAIN sixty five of a rifle and push the bayonet farther into himself to be able to bring the soldier at the different end of the piece inside striking distance and reduce him down. The number of lives taken by certainly one of these mad fanatics is sometimes nearly incredible.

and proceeded to get a letter from the Governor and began on my ten mile ride. Men had gone into the mountains and brought the mandatory heavy timbers. Some 200 pesos were collected and all palms labored with a will and took delight within the building of the best chapel we now have within the province. "Just before the chapel was completed a person who had previously lived on the lot brought a go well with for possession before the justice of the peace on the ground that he was the true proprietor. Although he had earlier than him the choice of the Presbyterian Report I909, p. forty three. EVANGELISTIC MISSIONS 233 Will of God and a Man's Life Work" and pledged themselves to enter the ministry or different Christian service if God revealed that this was His will. A variety of these males entered the Union Seminary in Manila, while others entered seminaries and colleges in America. ADVENTURES IN COOPERATION AND UNITY 219 The Central Methodist Church then grew to become the "Student Church" centering its attention upon the university, normal and highschool students. The Union American Church has been an excellent success from the beginning.

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The boy secretly attended Sunday school for a number of months till he grew to become so wanting to attempt to lead his family to Jesus Christ that he carried the New Testament house with him. The dad and mom learned of his evangelical religion and forbade his attendance at Protestant providers. The months dragged on and Eustaquio, struggling between loyalty to parents and loyalty to Christ, finally turned mentally unbalanced. One evening he ran via the house, denouncing the religion of his dad and mom, and with a chair demolished the pictures of the Virgin and of St. Peter. Miss Decker went to name on the home of the distracted boy.

It declared its allegiance to Rome and resolved to hunt to induce the Pope to acknowledge the Filipino clergy and appoint Filipino bishops. The man chosen to hold on negotiations with the Pope was Isabelo de los Reyes, who was then in Spain. Reyes was one of the most indefatigable writers the Philippines have produced. In I897 he had been despatched to Spain as a prisoner charged with propagating Masonic orders. The nuncio's reply, says Reyes, was "that even should the friars be beheaded, Rome would not appoint Filipino bishops, and wouldn't even appoint a particular deputy to go to examine into the capacity of our priests." 1 Wise Rome had forgotten her cunning.

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How can one consider in causation with out anticipating that, a era hence, unless this present drift stops, these Islands will be four-fifths irreligious? This is said, not in any sense as a condemnation of contemporary schooling, however solely to be able to place the issue squarely earlier than the spiritual forces of the Islands. They have to see clearly that on this regime the religious destiny of the Philippines relies upon upon unaided personal effort. Centuries of experience in Europe, America and the Philippines, have confirmed that the teaching of religion have to be kept out of the hands of the government. Strenuous efforts are being made by Roman Catholic orders on the one hand and by Protestant missions and Filipino churches on the opposite, to succeed in the young generation. Some of those movements, like the Sunday faculty, younger individuals's conferences, and annual Bible programs, are gathering great momentum, and will, in time, meet the need in one thing like an enough way.

THE SPANISH REGIME 89 throne in 1814, abolished the constitution, and renewed the Inquisition. The immediate effect in the Philippines was a revolt in Ilocos Norte, during which church buildings had been burned and lots of the wealthy folks robbed and killed. Six years later the structure was renewed and 4 Filipinos went to sit within the Spanish Cortes. Better for Spain if she had by no means given the Filipinos that taste of representation. He who once eats of the fruits of democracy shall by no means be satisfied with tyranny again.

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